Anna Silverman

Actress | Theatre | Movies

Being an actor is creating a piece of Art that everyone is going to interpret in their own way. Anna Silverman was introduced to the stage from an early age by her grandfather, a famous Theatre Actor back in Moscow, implementing the Stanislavski method.

Sparking an interest in performing, Anna spent her childhood growing up in the theatre, starring in productions at Moscow’s Drama School and dreaming of leading roles in plays by Chekhov, Tolstoy and Ostrovsky. After graduating from GITIS, the largest and oldest independent theatrical arts school in Russia. 

Anna conquered hearts with astonishing performances in leading roles including Anton Chekhov’s masterpieces, such as “Three Sisters”, “Uncle Vanya” and “Anna Karenina”. Fully inhabiting the mind, mannerisms and reality of every character that Anna plays,  she secured her reputation as a versatile actress. 

Her strong look and alluring personality lead to playing powerful and vigorous women. Casting Directors regard her as an ideal candidate for strong female characters. Anna has developed a wide array of interests beyond her acting profession, including fine art and fashion.